The ghost across the street

Well, there’s never a lack of drama in this neighborhood. Sit on down, and let me tell you a new tale: the story of the ghost who lives across the street. Read More

LaRhonda gets a divorce

“Hey there, neighbor,” LaRhonda said as she walked into my front yard, dressed in her usual shorts and bikini top.

“Oh! Hi,” I replied, rising from where I had been plucking weeds from the mulch. “How are you?”

“Well, I just found out my divorce is final,” she replied.Β  Read More


[Me, innocently walking through a gas station somewhere in Kentucky]

Guy, about my age, looks at me as I exit the bathroom and head toward my car. I say hello and keep walking past.

Guy: “How’re you doing today?”

Me: “Fine, thanks.” Still walking.

Guy: “Hey! Hey! Oh, wait!”

I turn to face him. “What?”

Guy: “Your shoes are untied!”

I look down at my shoes – slip-on sandals with no laces.

Guy breaks into hysterical laughter.


Is there anything better than puppets?

I spent a few days earlier this week in Chicago for a trade show. On Sunday night, my teammate, Britney, and I ventured to a nearby Tiki bar for a cocktail after dinner. We entered the restaurant and descended the stairs to find the bar bustling with people. Lucky for us, a man arose from his bar stoolΒ just as we approached, and Britney gestured for me to take the seat.Β  Read More