LaRhonda gets a divorce

“Hey there, neighbor,” LaRhonda said as she walked into my front yard, dressed in her usual shorts and bikini top.

“Oh! Hi,” I replied, rising from where I had been plucking weeds from the mulch. “How are you?”

“Well, I just found out my divorce is final,” she replied.  Read More


[Me, innocently walking through a gas station somewhere in Kentucky]

Guy, about my age, looks at me as I exit the bathroom and head toward my car. I say hello and keep walking past.

Guy: “How’re you doing today?”

Me: “Fine, thanks.” Still walking.

Guy: “Hey! Hey! Oh, wait!”

I turn to face him. “What?”

Guy: “Your shoes are untied!”

I look down at my shoes – slip-on sandals with no laces.

Guy breaks into hysterical laughter.


Is there anything better than puppets?

I spent a few days earlier this week in Chicago for a trade show. On Sunday night, my teammate, Britney, and I ventured to a nearby Tiki bar for a cocktail after dinner. We entered the restaurant and descended the stairs to find the bar bustling with people. Lucky for us, a man arose from his bar stool just as we approached, and Britney gestured for me to take the seat.  Read More

LaRhonda provides lawn care

Last year, on one of my parents’ visits to Nashville, my mom helped me plant some landscaping in my front yard. Among the plants we picked out was a pair of pretty little snow bell bushes, with bright green leaves and tiny white flowers. One of the bushes struggled to grow last year, so I was overjoyed to see it come back to life this spring. Miraculously, it was shaping up to be as big and flowery as its sister plant! Until Tuesday. Read More