So, what are you really saying?

I went to Walgreens the other morning to pick up a few essentials. When I was ready to check out, I approached the cash register, and the man behind the counter rung up my things.

“That’s $34.56,” he said.

“Ok,” I responded, opening my purse. “Let me just see… I thought I had a gift card. Hmm.”

“Take your time,” he said. “There’s no rush.”

I dug around in my bag, looking for the card.

“I like your hair,” he said, after a few seconds of silence. I looked up. Was he talking to me? Sure enough, he was looking right at me.

“Thanks,” I said, puzzled.

“It’s different,” he continued. “It’s really… interesting.”

“Thanks,” I said again, presenting the card to him.

So, what’s the deal? He’s the fifth man over the last few months to compliment my hair. (Well, except for this guy.)

Do they really care about my hair? Is there something weird or different about it? Do I wear it too big? It just seems like a weird thing for a man to notice.



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