If you know me at all, (and if you don’t, then hey!), you know I love makeup. Sometimes a little too much. Remember this day?


So, after much encouragement, thinking and dragging my feet, I’ve created FauxFringe! I’ll share my beauty tips, you share yours, we’ll discuss our favorite products, we’ll analyze photos of beautiful people and day dream about looking like them…

Wait. Am I the only one who does that?

(Sigh). This might just be the start of a beautiful, bloggy best friendship.

– Jillian


One thought on “bienvenue!

  1. i’m already stalking your makeup blog. and i’m pretty sure i’ve opened it up at least 3 times today just to see if you’ve updated it even though i know you’re at work. so excited to read all of your tips and awesome finds!

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