beauty spotlight: lykke li

I’m fascinated by beautiful people. Always have been. In fact, there’s a giant cork board in my kitchen plastered with pictures of people whose beauty I find inspirational.

Don’t get me wrong — for the most part, I’m comfortable in my own skin. I know myself and my makeup well enough to play up the parts of me I want to show off and conceal the parts I don’t! But I’m enthralled by attractive people. So intriguing, so iconic, so intangible. I draw such inspiration and confidence from them.

Lykke Li is one of those people. In fact, I’m so infatuated with her, she’s the first person I’m spotlighting here!

Lykke Li is a Swedish pop singer, almost as famous for her giant, stare-into-your-soul eyes as she is for her music. Personally, I love her because she pulls off my favorite makeup look flawlessly: a big, bold, feathery eye and nude-as-nude lips.

It’d only take you one glance at my makeup collection full of dark shadows, mounds of mascaras, false eyelashes and tubes of nude lipgloss for you to learn that about me!

Here’s to you, Lykke Li. I’ve been Googling your photos for months — hell, I’m listening to Wounded Rhymes as I write this! Thanks for the inspiration.

– Jillian


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