the art of arches

Do you know the Golden Rules of eyebrow shaping? If you want to stick “by the book”, here are the guidelines to follow:

Use something straight, like a makeup brush, to find your perfect arch.

  • Start by holding the handle of the brush vertically, next to the tip of your nose. The inside of your brow should align with the edge of the handle.
  • Tilt the brush handle, aligning the tip of your nose and the pupil of your eye. Your brow’s arch should be approximately where the brush crosses your brow line.
  • Tilt the brush further to align the edge of your nostril with the outer corner of your eye. This should point to the end of your brow.

My eyebrows don’t match this ratio exactly; for the life of me, I cannot get the inside of my brows to grow any longer! Though, I suppose it’s better than having to worry about a unibrow…

Of course, creative freedom is always encouraged!

How do your brows shape up?

– Jillian


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