If you can’t wear a red lip this time of year, when can you?

As I’ve mentioned before, I never venture too far out of my lip color comfort zone. One day, I fell in love with a nude lip, committed to it and never strayed; however, as I also mentioned recently, red lips are all the rage this holiday.

Moral crisis!

In an effort to keep things fresh, I’ve gotten up the courage to try a few different reds, but finally, I think I’ve found one I’m comfortable enough wearing with some consistency.

Meet: NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Place Vendome

On me, it looks more red than in the picture, but it definitely has some pink undertones – part of the reason why I like it! It’s a gloss, so the texture is a little tacky, but not super sticky. Plus, the sheen is nice. The brush has bristles instead of a sponge, which makes application a little more precise. 

Today, I’m wearing Place Vendome with pale golden shimmer eyeshadow and heavy, winged eyeliner. Oh, and lashes – which goes without saying by now.

I KNOW: Light eyes and bold lips on a typically dark-lidded, nude-lipped girl? What’s come over me?!

What about you? Have you found your perfect holiday red?


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