put your liner to work

Tired eyes? Irritated eyes? Just ready to try something new? Here are a few ways to make your eyeliner work for you:

If you’re struggling with puffiness, use white eyeliner to make your eyes look wider. Try lining your top lashes with a dark pencil and your bottom lashes with a white pencil for a doe-eyed look. Or brighten your eyes by lining all the way around with dark pencil, then using white pencil on your waterline (the very inside of your lid.)

Nude eyeliner reduces the look of redness. Try lining your bottom lash line with nude pencil to combat irritated or tired eyes.

Try something new! Re-shape your eyes using different colored liners. To create an almond shape, line your eyes with dark pencil from the outside corners inward, then line the inside corners with light pencil. Blend with a smudge brush. Remember: dark colors shade and light colors pop.

Perfect any errors by using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover or covering with a creamy concealer and concealer brush.

Have fun!

– Jillian


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