Makeup Monday: Birchbox

Have you heard of Birchbox? I finally joined in on all of the hype, and now I’m beginning to understand why women everywhere are raving about this service.

Birchbox is a magical little box that appears at your front door once a month, stuffed with samples of products for you to try. They offer different levels of boxes at different price points; I opted for the lowest-priced box at $10 per month.

To join, simply visit the Birchbox website and fill out a simple survey with your interests, age, skin tone and type, hair type, etc. This puts you on a waiting list. After a week or two, your membership is activated, and you’ll begin receiving boxes!

Here’s the June box:

Birchbox is a fairly inexpensive way to try new products that are tailored to you. Who knows… any month now, Birchbox might just send me my next favorite product!


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