A list of things

  1. I recently joined a gym, and it’s fantastic! I love working out. I love being one of the few ladies in the weight room and I love coming home all sweaty. It makes me feel beautiful. Honestly! (I’m sure there’s science behind that.)
  2. I spent a bit of time today scouring Oh She Glows, and I came away with so many delicious-sounding vegan recipes, I wish I could take tomorrow off work and cook all day! I’ve never really tried to cook a vegan meal before. I mean, not intentionally. (I think Chicken Connoisseur Bryan is scared.)
  3. I just started reading Gone Girl and I cannot put it down. It’s a miracle I even made it to my computer right now to record these thoughts.
  4. I’m starting to heal and repair a few important friendships I’ve lost/neglected/hurt, and in which I’ve been left/neglected/hurt, over the last few years. I have high hopes that, eventually, things will get back to the way they used to be. I pray that comes true and my hopes aren’t too high.
  5. Bryan is being really sweet. I mean, he’s sweet all the time (don’t tell him I told you that), but I’ve seen a shift in him since we started planning our wedding. It’s nice, and I’m trying to memorize all of the little, loving things he does so that I will always remember them. You know that one line in the Bible that says something about Mary (the Virgin) watching Jesus do something great, and the author says, “And she recorded all of those things in her heart”? It’s like that.
  6. I am 30. I can’t believe it! I feel instantly more mature and respected. People respect women in their 30’s. (Don’t they?)
  7. I bought a new car! (See, I really am someone to be respected! A 30-year-old woman driving a sensible SUV with adequate airbags and room for a carseat or two in the (distant) future!) (Don’t tell Bryan I told you that, either.)
  8. I thought of a really good joke earlier that I wanted to tell you, but I can’t remember it now.
  9. Oh no! Is that something that comes with being 30, too? Memory loss?
  10. What were we talking about?
  11. And in conclusion, I’m really liking this new Sharon Van Etten song lately. Mostly because there’s a line at 1:20 that says, “I washed your dishes, but I shit in your bathroom.” I think that irony is brilliant and rad. You go, Sharon Van Etten!

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