Last Night’s Show: Fleetwood Mac

Because the story Stevie told about the meaning of this song was beautiful and inspiring:

Because this is arguably my favorite Fleetwood Mac song:

Because this is also a favorite of mine, and there are few things better than the creative use of a good marching band:

Sound: Fleetwood Mac, duh!

Venue: Bankers Life Fieldhouse

With: Bryan and a sold out Bankers Life crowd

Bryan and I got to our seats within a minute of the show starting โ€“ which was unexpectedly perfect timing! The second Fleetwood Mac stepped on the stage, I started crying, and when they started singing, my face twisted itself into the ugly cry. Even three songs in, during the completely unemotional “Secondhand News,” I was still tearing up!

I was overwhelmed at seeing aย group of people who are so important toย music history reunited in front of my eyes. And, I was touched byย seeing the joy on people’s faces all around the room: couples reminiscing about their younger days, parents dragging their kids along to see their favorite band, fans singing along at the tops of their lungs.

And Stevie! Oh Stevie! She was magical, with her capes, and her twirling around stage, and her witchy hand motions conjuring up magical spirits all over the room. Her tambourine was decorated with flowing, colorful streamers and her microphone with silver chains. And she wore a top hat!

They played for about three hours, and I loved every minute. Bryan decided that he liked Christine’s songs the best, but me? I’m a Stevie loyalist through and through.


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