Makeup catchup

It’s been a while since we had a chat about makeup, eh? Well then, please allow me to fill you in on some of my current favorite makeup finds.


bite zinfandel

While on a recent trip to Sephora to pick up a few makeup essentials, I stumbled upon an end cap for Bite lipcolor and had to buy a shade for myself. I’d been looking for a bright, orangey red, so I purchased the High Pigment Pencil in Zinfandel. This product is seriously amazing! The color lasts all day, and even though it’s a pencil, it is so, so creamy. Plus, their color selection is fab!


baby dont go

In the summer (which feels like 100 years ago, seeing as today’s high temp was like 5 degrees) I popped by the MAC store to pick up some wedding makeup. I was looking for a blush or bronzer – something to contour my face. I ended up with Pro Longwear Blush in Baby Don’t Go. When the artist first showed it to me, I thought she was nuts; the shade is a grey-beige. But, it totally gives my pale, pale skin the effect I was hoping for!

I use an angled contour brush to apply the blush under my cheekbones, from my hairline toward the center of my face. I also brush it under my jaw line to make my jaw appear stronger, on my temples and on the sides of my nose. The effect is subtle, but I’ve noticed a big difference!



Oh reader, this might be my best find yet! On the recommendation of a friendly Sephora artist, I decided to ditch my usual liquid eyeliner to try what she called “THE BEST EYELINER EVER”: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black. And you know what? I think she might have been right. It is just so good! Applying the liner is just like writing with a felt-tipped marker. It’s light, easy to apply and stays in place all day. It doesn’t gunk up my eyelashes like some liners do, and it doesn’t crumble or feel thick. Endless gratitude to that artist for her stellar Stila recommendation!


red cherry dw

Duh! You knew I couldn’t do a makeup post without lashes! I’ve struggled the last few months to find a new lash that’s appropriate for daytime but still makes an impact. Currently, my favorite is Red Cherry #DW. The fibers are slightly different lengths and criss-crossed throughout to give a more natural look. Plus, Red Cherry lashes are really inexpensive!

Here's me (a little champagney) on New Year's Eve putting all of these products to work!
Here’s me (a little champagney) on New Year’s Eve putting all of these products to work!

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