BBQ Chickpeas + Creamed Spinach

You know those days when you wake up craving creamed spinach, and you absolutely cannot rest until you’re able to scarf down a big old bowl of it? No? Anyone?


Well, that happened to me this week. Thankfully, I ordered not one but two large bags of organic spinach in this week’s GreenBean bin. And, wouldn’t you know, the friendly folks at GreenBean also blogged a recipe for Southern Creamed Spinach, shared by a fellow who lives in Nashville. (So meta.)

So, last night, I got to work on the recipe. I paired it with a big ol’ batch of crispy BBQ chickpeas, one of my other favorites, and voila! Before I knew it, I had a quick and delicious dinner. It was honestly one of the tastiest meals I’ve made in the last few weeks. (Truth be told, I had intended on roasting a generous portion of gingered beets to serve on the side, but after a long day of work, I was way too hungry to wait one minute longer. The beets have lived to see another day.)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

This picture may not look like much, but that’s because this is literally a photo of the bowl I was in the middle of eating out of. Even Bryan loved the meal. Bryan, the beardliest of all the carnivores, loved a meal of chickpeas and spinach!

Lucky for me, I left for work this morning before Bryan even got out of bed, so I swiped all of the leftovers for my lunch today. Sorry not sorry.

You can find a recipe for the BBQ chickpeas in this previous post.

You can find the delicious creamed spinach recipe here. (While this meal was a bit of a caloric splurge for me, I did opt to use half and half instead of cream. That made it a tad healthier, but the spinach was still creamy and delicious, probably due to the fact that it called for gouda, which I would never cut out of any recipe ever under any circumstances.)


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