A quick post about my new obsession

I’m sitting here with coffee grounds stuck between two of my teeth, and I don’t even care because they came from the Most Delicious Smoothie of All Time and I’m so satisfied I no longer care about anything.

I’d heard about The Urban Juicer even before I moved to Nashville, so when I got here I couldn’t wait to try it. The best/worst thing is that it’s located mere blocks from my office, so I can get there quickly every day and consume all of the smoothies/acai bowls/juices/chia puddings my little heart desires. The better/even worse news is that they’re also opening a location in East Nashville, just down the street from my house, so I can consume even more smoothies/acai bowls/juices/chia puddings.IMG_6360I’ve vowed to limit myself to only one visit each week – a guideline I’m 70% confident I can abide by. Today, I lunched on the Power Coffee which, with 36 grams of protein, should keep me full all the way until my post-work yoga class. I’m so new-agey these days. 



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