Four All I Know

A few years ago – wait, like nine years ago. Where has the time gone?! – I lived in Kansas City for a short time. While I was there, I was fortunate to find a small group Bible study with a great bunch of people, including one sweet lady named Emily. I lived in Kansas for a little less than a year, and though it’s been a while, I’ve still remained social media friends with those folks, including Emily.

Now for the crazy news – Emily is pregnant with 1, 2, 3, 4 babies! Quadruplets! She, her husband and their son have been on quite a journey over the last few weeks since learning about the little babes, and Emily has done an amazing job at documenting her journey. She is a great writer – so funny and honest and candid, sharing the ups and downs of growing these four little children. Emily writes from the heart as she predicts (and then learns) the sexes of her quads, tries to help her son understand everything that’s happening, and attempts to wrap her own head around what her new life will be once the babies arrive.

four all i know

Please, when you have time, pop over to Emily’s blog and join in on her journey. As I mentioned, there are ups and definite downs, even struggles happening this very moment, so send some prayers and well wishes to Emily and her babies while you read, too.

Why don’t you start here, at the very beginning?


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