Come over!

We moved to Nashville three months ago now, and this place is finally starting to feel a bit like home. I mean, I made it from my house, to yoga, to work this morning without consulting Siri and I didn’t even have to turn around once! Things are really looking up.

(Yes, it took me three months to figure out how to drive between the three places I frequent the most. Just deal with it.)

Anyway, want to see my house?

Clearly, I was watching New Girl on this day / Also, can you spot Turkey?


I’m obsessed with the minty tile in my bathroom!
Guest bedroom / Turkey’s room
Master bedroom / Turkey’s room / Stealthy appearance by Batman
Bryan’s bike room, which is the greatest thing to happen in the history of time.

So, what do you think? Come on over anytime. I’m sure Turkey will share his bedroom with you.


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