From Gram to Glam!

Bryan and I have been painting our house for what feels like THREE YEARS, though the calendar tells me it’s only been 8 days. Bryan’s beard has even started turning white during this process – though that’s less because of stress and more due to the fact that he keeps unknowingly dunking it in the paint tray, which is providing me with endless entertainment.

After painting the ceilings in each room, we discovered that we have to put three coats of paint on each wall in order to cover up the bold colors left behind from the seller. We’ve gone through more gallons of paint and more evenings painting than either of us bargained for. And we still have trim to go! And hallways! And bathrooms! Oy.

Thankfully, we finally started seeing some progress yesterday. After all of the paint in the living room had dried, we pulled up the old off-white carpet, along with its friends Dangerous Nail Strips and One Million Carpet Staples. The result? Well, see for yourself.





Hard to believe that anyone would want to cover up those hardwoods, eh?

As of this afternoon, we’ve also got all new plumbing and new pipes connecting the house to the city lines. Still to come this weekend: a new water heater and grounded electrical outlets.

We’ve got a ways to go, but seeing the progress in these pictures is keeping me motivated!


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