A letter to my baby at 32 weeks pregnant

May 13, 2018


Well, today your dad and I accidentally got locked in your nursery. It started innocently enough, with your dad installing a new door handle on your door while I assembled some small bookshelves in your closet. Unfortunately, when he closed the door to test the handle, it got stuck, and we were locked in the room!

After a few minutes of trying to pry the door open with no luck, your poor dad had to climb out the window. (You should have seen him tumble out of there! It was hilarious.) But once outside, he realized all the exterior doors of our house were locked, and he couldn’t get back inside! Thankfully, he had his phone with him, so we called a friend with a spare key who came over to let him back in.

Of course, once back inside, your dad still had to disassemble the handle to let me out. I finally escaped after about 30 minutes or so. It was pretty funny! I think we’ll laugh about that one for a long time.

Listen, kid, we try our best, but even your wonderful parents sometimes make mistakes. Though, if you ask me about this, I’ll vehemently deny it.

I love you,



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