LaRhonda provides lawn care

Last year, on one of my parents’ visits to Nashville, my mom helped me plant some landscaping in my front yard. Among the plants we picked out was a pair of pretty little snow bellย bushes, with bright green leaves and tiny white flowers. One of the bushes struggled to grow last year, so I was overjoyed to see it come back to life this spring. Miraculously, it was shaping up to be as big and flowery as its sister plant! Until Tuesday. Read More


“Here’s your ad layout for review,” a coworker says as she hands me a sheet of paper. “It looks great! And also, I can see your aura, and it’s silver.” 

She flashes me a smile as she walks away.

All in a day’s work. 

April playlist

In honor of the invisible teeth aligners I just got – which give me a distinct lisp and which make me drool at unexpected times – here is an April playlist to sing along to.

Also included: A surprise appearance from Dolly Parton, singing the song I secretly snuck into my wedding playlist for Bryan and I to walk down the aisle to. Tomorrow is our three-year engagement anniversary, after all!

You can keep the pen

I walked across the floorย to my CEO’s office, with whom I had a meeting scheduled. Notebook and pen in hand, I was prepared for our conversation. As I entered his office, Iย was greeted by his assistant, Elizabeth.ย  Read More