“Here’s your ad layout for review,” a coworker says as she hands me a sheet of paper. “It looks great! And also, I can see your aura, and it’s silver.” 

She flashes me a smile as she walks away.

All in a day’s work. 

April playlist

In honor of the invisible teeth aligners I just got – which give me a distinct lisp and which make me drool at unexpected times – here is an April playlist to sing along to.

Also included: A surprise appearance from Dolly Parton, singing the song I secretly snuck into my wedding playlist for Bryan and I to walk down the aisle to. Tomorrow is our three-year engagement anniversary, after all!

You can keep the pen

I walked across the floor to my CEO’s office, with whom I had a meeting scheduled. Notebook and pen in hand, I was prepared for our conversation. As I entered his office, I was greeted by his assistant, Elizabeth.  Read More

Separate laundry?

It’s difficult to describe the precise shock and sheer panic one feels after finding a strand of her husband’s long, long beard hair stuck to her shirt in the middle of a work day or party. Read More